Saturday, June 27, 2015

ASEAN for Asian-African Sovereignty

Asian African Conference,

Celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Asian-African Conference was done and Indonesia was successful taking its role. Hence, there were only few of concrete deals or agreements from the conference.
The final declaration condemned terrorism and transnational crime, and endorsed the peaceful resolution of disputes. But no strategy was endorsed and no commitment made for any new unified action to combat this threat. And initial language calling for intelligence sharing was dropped in the final draft.

The declaration also underscored respect for human rights. However many of the participating countries including Iran, Zimbabwe, China, and Myanmar have been criticized for censorship of the media and suppressing democratic opposition.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Negeri Kabut

You know what is the best decision I ever made? I came to visit my friend and inadvertent met her on that Thursday. You know what is the best time in my life? when I was with her in a week.

You know what I do really worry today? when she knows nothing about those all.

I write this to let she knows and hope I would have another chance to see her eyes smile from her cheeks.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Roads to Castle

Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle – George R Martin. Game OfThrone

Recently, I really enjoyed watching the TV Show Game of Throne (GOT). This show is another way to learn about my favorite subject, geopolitics.

Chris O'Regan, a user of Quora, a knowledge website,  said that GOT has drawn inspiration from actual historical  events. The biggest similarity is that the story resembles events that occurred during medieval times in England particularly the Wars of the Roses. There are two houses in GOT, Stark and Lannister. Stark sounds like York and Lannister sounds like Lancaster.

Watching GOT also reminds me of my undergraduate thesis in 2012. I wrote about political contestation between student groups in my university, from a geopolitical point of view. Some people said it was an unusual topic. But in 2014, it was published as a book titled ‘Geopolitik Islam Kampus’ (Islam Geopolitics in University) and until now I still get orders for it . I had also essays published in other anthologies.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Jangan Ngaku Pecinta Masakan Padang Kalo Belum Nyobain ini : Sala Lauak!

Sala Lauak

Bicara tentang wisata di Kota Padang, pasti sebagian besar yang ada di kepala kita adalah wisata kuliner ; Masakan Padang.

Masakan Padang memang telah mendunia, di Jakarta sudah tak terhitung lagi jumlahnya, di London, Sydney, sampai New York juga ada, di Indonesia bahkan seorang Dosen Geografi Ekonomi Universitas Indonesia mengatakan bahwa keberadaan Rumah Makan Padang menjadi salah satu indikator kemajuan suatu daerah. Hal ini karena ditinjau dari faktor aksesibilitas dan daya tarik daerahnya, ketika sudah ada Rumah Makan Padang disana, berarti sudah ada orang Padang disana, yang berarti sudah ada pendatang di daerah tersebut yang secara tidak langsung menyatakan bahwa daerah tersebut sudah memiliki akses transportasi yang baik dan daya tarik yang menarik pendatang untuk merantau.